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Coded by Kids provides software development, digital design, computer science, and tech startup-focused entrepreneurship programs for underrepresented young people between the ages of 8 and 24.

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Meet David

Now in his fourth year with Coded by Kids, David has grown from being a Ctrl+Shift competition participant to leading his own team of development interns. He is pursuing his degree in Software Engineering from Drexel University.

"Coded by Kids has given me a different point of view about what I can do with my future. The responsibility that I have been given has increased my interests and my curiosity. [...] This experience pushed me far beyond what I expected. I'm learning something completely new almost every day and applying it to real world [web development] projects."

Coded by Kids helps underrepresented youth become tech leaders and startup CEOs.

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Impact is at 

our core.

Over the past eight years, Coded by Kids has been a leader in the region for youth tech education, helping increase equity through our core programming, including:

  • CBK Classroom, our foundational coding program, prepares students with basic, intermediate, and advanced web development skills that build critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ctrl+Shift, our annual city-wide coding competition, helps high school students learn from tech and innovation professionals
  • Innovation League, a new competitive league for entrepreneurial students looking to build businesses.

Read our latest Impact Report to learn more about what we've accomplished:

View Our 2021 Impact Report

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CBK by the Numbers

Support change that you can see.

Coded by Kids is founded on a long-term commitment to the growth of our students. We differentiate ourselves by using a data-informed approach that centers the user experience of our students and families. We evaluate, refine, and work towards continuous improvement to increase our impact. 

By supporting Coded by Kids, you can see how students:

  • Build high demand, tech skills that prepare them for leadership in tech and entrepreneurship
  • Grow professionally from exposure to industry mentors
  • Increase confidence in their ability to participate and lead in the tech economy

Student sharing her website to her family at a student showcase.

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Follow us on social media!

Student showcasing her website at the Ctrl+Shift coding competition.